Beaver and Bulldog

Collingwood has MANY great restaurants and I wish we could have visited quite a few more on our trip. We really enjoyed the ones we went to. Our first dinner we ordered pizza from PIE. It was a crazy day and my mom had no clue we were coming so my dad talked her into ordering pizza. I regret not taking photos and will definitely stop there again on my next trip! They not only have pizzas, but also pastas, salads, and appetizers. I ordered a HEDGE HOG PIE. It was great, but a little too spicy for my taste. My dad absolutely loved it and now I think he’s hooked. My favorite of the night was the CLUCK NORRIS PIE. I cannot tell you how amazing it was!!! Frank nor myself are big fans of arugula, but holy moly this was amazing! It has a tomato sauce for the base and it’s topped with pulled chicken, goat cheese, pesto, arugula, and a balsamic glaze. I cannot explain to you how delicious this pizza is!!! I am definitely looking forward to having it again.


Check out PIE on their website below!


Now let’s talk about Beaver and Bulldog. It’s a small restaurant with an awesome pub feel. We went for lunch and it was busy. I can only imagine what it would be like on Friday and Saturday night.


I had the Canadian Ski Club. It was good. I wasn’t crazy about it and I’m a club sandwich freak. It was my first time tasting peameal bacon. I think it kind of threw me off a little. I think now that I’ve had peameal bacon a few times that I can appreciate it more.


What I was crazy about was my sisters shrimp. WOW! Crispy Filo Shrimp. Need I say more? Well I’m going to tell you about it anyway. “Jumbo shrimp coated in crispy filo pastry flakes and served with your favorite wing sauce.” Uhhh yum!!!! She got it with their Thai wing sauce and it’s PERFECT. I kid you not. I was so in love with her shrimp that when Beaver and Bulldog was suggested for ordering wings during the week I didn’t object! I got the shrimp and paired it with their yummy caesar salad.


After our lunch, Carter and I decided to share dessert. We got the Brownie Sundae. Another YUM! The brownie was cooked perfectly. It was a little gooey which went perfect with the vanilla ice cream, topped with their homemade chocolate fudge sauce, and whipped cream. It was delicious!

How delicious does that look?


I’m sad I didn’t think to take more pictures, but take my word for it, yum!!!


Let me know if you check it out, what you ate, and your overall thoughts!!


Later Cravers!

Sister’s Lunch Date

Well, we made it through the hurricane. We, in Abaco, did not get a lot of wind and rain, but our southern Bahamian islands didn’t fair as well as we did. Please continue to pray for our southern islands as well as the other Caribbean islands.


It has been wayyyy too long since my last post. Since my last post one of my sisters moved to Kelowna, British Columbia; and my other sister went back to Collingwood, Ontario. Before they left we were able to go out for a wonderful sister lunch date at Wally’s.

You’ve read before that Wally’s is my favorite place to eat in Marsh Harbour. The service and food are equally great.

I was so bummed that they didn’t have the ingredients to make my favorite Strawberry Margarita, but Nana, the bartender, told me to try their Mango Margarita. Well, I can tell you it was as amazing as it sounds. I won’t lie to you, I was a little skeptical at first, but wow it was delicious!!




We had their Conch Fritters to start. The ratio of conch and dough is great. I have to say they’re not like my Mama’s conch fritters, but they’re good!



I have told you before that I would share their Cracked Conch with you, but that day I had their Conch Burger. Oh my goodness. Talk about conched out after…yep…sleep time! I was so full, but it was so delicious! Bekah and Carter both had the Fettuccine Alfredo and loved it.


Sooooo yum!!!


It was truly an amazing day with my favorite sisters. (They’re my only sisters so that’s why they’re my favorite.) I can’t wait for next summer when the three of us are reunited!




*Wally’s is now closed for the season and will reopen in November.*


Wally’s Restaurant & Boutique

Hey guys!

Wally’s has always been a favorite place of mine. When Wally owned the restaurant his daughters Maureen and Barbara managed it. My grandmother and I would go there for Saturday lunch dates. I always remember Barbara wrapping up my leftovers in tinfoil shaped like a swan, and no lunch was ever complete without a brownie fudge sundae!

To this day I love eating at Wally’s. When you live on a small island you often know everyone. However, the ladies at Wally’s always make you feel welcome no matter if you’re a tourist or a local. My husband and I are usually there once or twice a week so you’ll see a lot of food posts from there!

One of their top menu items is Cracked Conch, definitely a favorite of mine! I have heard there is another restaurant on the island, that I haven’t checked out yet, also known for their cracked conch, but that’s a different craventure.


You should definitely try their daily specials. Here’s one from last week:

Fried Snapper


One of my lunch favorites is their Ahi Tuna, it’s a grilled tuna steak with grilled veggies and a salad on the side. Oh, and you have to try Wally’s house dressing, the Mango Vinaigrette, is so delicious! They also serve something you wouldn’t expect with their tuna, Teriyaki sauce. I know, it’s different, but it works well with the fish and really makes the dish.

Seared Tuna


Don’t forget to try Wally’s drinks specials! Their house sangrias are both delicious, but my favorite drink for lunch is their strawberry margarita! And before you leave you should take a look inside the boutique. They always have cute dresses, swimsuit covers, and fun earrings for sale.

Wally's Boutique


Keep checking back for more deliciousness from Wally’s!

Firefly Sunset Resort

A wonderful restaurant on Hope Town.

Hey Cravers!

I’d like to share with you one of my favorite places in Abaco, Firefly Sunset Resort. It’s an absolutely beautiful location on the Sea of Abaco on the island of Hope Town. Not only is the view breathtaking, but also the food and drinks are amazing.


Other than eat, there are many other activities to do at Firefly. They have two pools that you can relax in, a sandy area for more relaxing or kids to play, snorkeling, kayaking, and shopping in the boutique! If you’re really lucky you might be there on a day they have the slip ‘n slide out! I’m saying this from experience; everyone should try it! It’s not just for kids.

On my most recent visit I went with my dad, brother, sister, and her boyfriend for my brothers birthday lunch. My brother, Joshua, was all excited. He loooves Firefly’s burgers and that’s what he got; Firefly’s Southwestern Burger. What’s better than a 13 year old with a big smile on his birthday?!

Take a look at what we all had for lunch that day! 


The menu is incredible and I can’t wait to share more with you!


Nothing beats a day at Firefly!