My husband and I surprised my mom, brothers, and sister. Obviously I couldn’t post before I left, so I waited until goodbyes were said and we returned home. We kept it a secret for 4 months. It was so hard. There were so many phone calls in between that I kept having to try so hard to keep it from her. She and I are very close and share pretty much everything so keeping this from her was very difficult.

My mom’s parents left Abaco and moved to Canada. (In March!!! Crazyyy.) A huge step for them and for me. Almost 3 years ago my mom, dad, sister, and two brothers moved and it was the hardest thing I had ever been through. We always lived around the corner from each other. February made 2 years since I had seen my mom and brother, Tucker. So you can imagine how hard it was to keep a secret.

It was an amazing trip. We got my grandparents settled in to their new place, went to a few great restaurants, had wonderful family time, enjoyed a “mini” honeymoon, and saw the beauty that Collingwood and the Blue Mountains had to offer.


This is my mom’s favorite spot in Collingwood. Right on the beautiful Georgian Bay and it overlooks the town of Blue Mountain.


Stay tuned for more from our amazingly, wonderful trip!

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